Workshop on
Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy

The 5th International DOAS Workshop will be held from 13 to 15 July 2011 at the Landesmuseum Mainz, Germany. The workshop covers all aspects of DOAS from new concepts, technical developments and analysis improvements to applications in various fields of atmospheric research:

New concepts (e.g. Target DOAS, Imaging DOAS, Cavity DOAS)
DOAS2kl (28K)
Please print out workshop poster
Technology (e.g. miniature spectrometers, micro satellites, UVA's, Led applications, automatisation)
Progress in DOAS data analysis (e.g. MAX-DOAS profile retrieval, limb-nadir synergy, spectral surface  reflection retrievals, multi wavelength retrievals)
Aerosol and cloud applications (e.g. MAX-DOAS profile retrievals, Ring effect and O2 applications)
Improvements in radiative transfer simulations (e.g. 3D, polarisation, Raman scattering)
Measurements from different platforms (e.g. ground-based, ship-borne, air-borne, from cars, balloons, satellites)
Applications (e.g. stratospheric chemistry, pollution monitoring, halogen chemistry, synergistic use of models and measurements)

We invite contributions - oral and poster presentations - for the above topics (submission deadline: 15 April). Please forward this information to other colleagues.