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Atmospheric trace gas observations at Kiruna (Northern Sweden)

Since December 1996 a DOAS instrument is observing the scattered sun light in Kiruna (Northern Sweden) ( From the measured spectra the abundances of atmospheric trace gases is retrieved using the DOAS method. The focus of the DOAS observations in Kiruna is on stratospheric chemistry (especially on the disturbed chemistry during the polar winter). From the long term observations it is in particular possible to monitor and control the evolution of stratospheric bromine and chlorine compounds, which are expected to decrease.

In January 2009 a new UV instrument was installed in Kiruna, because the operation of the original instrument was often interrupted due to malfunction of individual parts. The proposed work includes the data analysis of the spectra measured by the new instrument. The data are compared to existing observations and long term trends of stratospheric halogen compounds should be determined. The operation of the instrument should be optimised and an automatic near real time trace gas retrieval should be implemented.

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View on the roof of the Institute for Space Physics in Kiruna. The DOAS instruments are located below the glass dome.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Wagner
MPI für Chemie, Mainz
Tel: +49 (0) 6131 305267